There's been a lot of talk about this new diet trend called the "ketogenic" diet. What exactly is this ketogenic diet and why is everybody trying it out? Well, the term ketogenic refers to the ketones. Ketones are chemicals that are created by our liver and act as a substitute for glucose when we don't receive adequate amounts of carbohydrates. When our body realizes that we are not consuming enough carbohydrates, it decides to produce chemicals called ketones. These ketones are used as energy when insufficient amounts of glucose are in our body. 

So why exactly is everyone on this "new" diet and why is it trending? Well, the keto diet works in a way that it restricts your calories by restricting your carbohydrates intake. How easy do you think it is to find foods that are available at restaurants and kopitiams (hawker stalls) which are primarily made up of fats and protein? Not very easy, I can tell you. So the keto diet works tremendously because when you limit yourself from eating these carbohydrates, you automatically stray away from eating out, which is one of the main causes of weight gain. Now with that said, this does not mean that eating out always causes weight gain. However, due to our Malaysian dishes, more than often the foods that we find outside consist primarily of carbohydrates and unnecessary calories.

There are several other factors as to why the ketogenic diet is effective in losing weight, however, this is the simplest form of explanation that can be used to understand why this new diet trend is so popular and effective.